Lithopaxy Post-Op Instructions

Diet: After surgery, try to drink more liquid than normal, approximately 3 quarts per day minimum for at least 5 days.

Do not: drive, drink alcoholic beverages, transact legal business, care for a dependent person, or take public transportation alone for 24 hours after your procedure. Rest for the first 24 hours, then increase activity as tolerated.

Your recovery room nurse will arrange your follow-up appointment. It is important for your care that you keep that appointment. Please reschedule within a few days of the original appointment if you have a date or time conflict.


  • You may have burning during urination for the rest of the day. You may sit in a tub of warm water for relief of burning.
  • Small amounts of blood in the urine is normal for several days after the cystoscopy.
  • Tylenol may be taken for lower abdominal discomfort or bladder spasm. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for Tylenol.

Call our office if you have a temperature of 101 degrees F. or above.