Pre-operative Instructions for a Procedure With Anesthesia

The procedure is done with intravenous sedation that will put you to sleep once you are in the procedure room.

You must fast from midnight on before your arrival time. No food, drink, smoking, candy or gum of any kind. You may eat and drink normally up until midnight.

You must have a responsible adult to drive you home. This person MUST either wait for you in the waiting room or leave an accurate contact number and be able to be back within 10-15 minutes of receiving a call.

This person must sign you out into their care until you arrive home. You may NOT be released to a taxi, bus or car service unless you’re with a responsible adult (21+). 

You may take your routine medications on the morning of the procedure with a tiny sip of water. If you take any blood thinning products (i.e. Coumadin, Pradaxa, NSAIDS, Aspirin), please let us know prior to arrival.

If you are a DIABETIC, we will monitor your blood sugar here. DO NOT take any medication or insulin for your diabetes in the morning of the procedure.

Please check the list of medications you take for those you may need to stop ahead of time because they may cause bleeding.

You need to shower either the night before or the morning of the procedure with an antibacterial soap such as Dial.

Do leave ALL your valuables & jewelry at home. 

You will be called 2-3 days before the procedure to be given an arrival time. This is usually about 1.5 hour before the actual procedure time. The doctors schedule can change up to that time due to the types of procedures that need to be done on the same day as yours. 

The nurse that calls you will also give you any special instructions needed, if any, for your type of procedure-such as antibiotic, enema or bringing a pair of briefs.

Do complete and bring all paperwork located on this website or that you received in the mail.
Do bring a jacket or sweater as our waiting room is cool.
Do bring your picture ID and medical insurance card with you.
Do bring a list of all current medications, strengths and frequency.
Do wear comfortable clothes that are easy to change in and out of.
For guests receiving general anesthesia do expect the stay to last between 2 – 2.5 hours.
For guests receiving local anesthesia do expect the stay to last 1 – 1.5 hours.
Please only bring one family member or friend with you. Our waiting area has limited space.

If you’re having difficulty, please contact our answering service or Resident Physician on call at: 941-309-7000.