Pre-operative Instructions for a Procedure Without Anesthesia


The Procedure is performed with local anesthesia = lidocaine jelly only

No fasting is necessary. You may eat a light breakfast.

You may drive yourself to and from the surgery center.

You may take all of your routine medications except those on the list you have been given. Please check the list of medications for those you need to stop ahead of time because they may cause bleeding.

You will be called 2 – 3 days before the procedure to be given an arrival time. This is usually about 1.5 hours before the actual procedure time.

The nurse that calls you will also give you any special instructions needed, if any, for your type of procedure, such as an antibiotic and/or an enema.

Do bring a jacket or sweater, as our waiting room is cool.
Do bring your picture ID and medical insurance card(s) with you.
Do leave your valuables and jewelry at home.
Do bring a list of medications with you.
Do wear comfortable clothes.
Do bring only one family member or friend with you, due to limited seating i our waiting room.

Please call us with any additional questions you may have at: 941-308-8500.