TRUS Biopsy Post-Op Instructions

What can I expect after a prostate biopsy? After the biopsy it is normal to experience the following sensations or symptoms:

Burning with urination: It is normal to feel burning with urination for the first 24 hours after the biopsy. It may continue for up to three days.

Frequent urination: This will gradually improve over the first 24 to 36 hours.

Blood in the urine: It is normal to have slightly red tinged urine or urine that resembles a rose or red wine color. This may last from 12 hours to 3 weeks after the biopsy.

Blood in stool: You may notice red stains on the toilet tissue or see some bloody streaks in your stool. This may last for up to 5 days.

Blood in the semen: This may persist for up to 6 weeks after your biopsy. How should I care for myself after the biopsy?

Drink plenty of fluids to prevent blood clots and infection in the bladder Avoid strenuous exercise such as jogging, heavy lifting, golfing, and bike riding for at least 7 days.

Take your antibiotics as directed and complete the full dose given.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages until after completing your antibiotics. Do not take aspirin and anti-inflammatory products such as Celebrex for 1 (one) week following prostate biopsy.

Avoid sexual activity for 7 days.

When should I call my doctor? Call the clinic (see contact information below) if you have any of the following signs and symptoms. These could indicate an infection. Persistent urinary frequency or burning.  Fever of 101 degrees F or greater.

Urine that is cherry-red or has clots in it. Rectal bleeding with clots or pure bloody stools. Persistent bleeding lasting longer than 7 days.