Vasectomy and Reversal

  1. Complete antibiotics.
  2. Wear jockey shorts or an athletic supporter for added comfort and support during the day for one or two weeks following the procedure.
  3. Remain in bed or on a couch for the remaining day of the procedure. Do not sit in a recliner or in any position in which the middle of your body is lower than your head or feet.
  4. Use Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for discomfort; avoid aspirin-containing products.
  5. You may shower on the day following the procedure and thereafter. Wash the scrotum gently. Dry by blotting the skin. Do not rub.
  6. Avoid strenuous activity until after the fifth day following the surgery.
  7. Avoid sexual activity until after the fifth day following the operation.
  8. If there are stitches, they will dissolve by themselves. They do not require removal. It is not unusual for the skin of the scrotal sac and penile shaft to be black and blue. This will usually disappear within one week.
  9. A small amount of blood (enough to stain the gauze pad), some tenderness, and mind swelling in the area of the incision are not unusual and should subside within 72 hours. These should cause no alarm but if there is any inflammatory process such as an unusual amount of pain, large swelling of the scrotum, redness, bleeding, or fever (flu-like symptoms), report this to your physician at 941-309-7000. If he cannot be reached, ask the operator for the Resident Physician on call for his service. If for any reason you cannot reach a physician, you may go directly to the emergency room.
  10. For Vasectomy: Contraceptives should be used until the semen is sperm-free. Absence of sperm must be demonstrated microscopically; laboratory tests confirm that no sperm are present in the seminal fluid. You will be required to bring in a semen sample eight weeks after the surgery. Be sure to maintain the usual precautions against pregnancy until your physician is satisfied that your semen is sperm-free.
  11. For Vasectomy Reversal: No intercourse or ejaculation for two weeks. Then, begin having frequent, regular ejaculation. This will help keep the reversal sites open and sperm traveling through the vas deferens into the ejaculate.
  12. Should any questions arise regarding post-operative appointment, call the Appointment Secretary at 941-309-7000.